Chefchaouen Day Tour from Fez

Are you looking for a different experience day trip in Morocco?
Chefchaouen Day Tour from Fez is one of the most popular and favorite destination for tourists in Morocco. It is known for its touristy sights, and blue-rinsed houses and buildings. The city offers many handmade crafts that are unique for the area including wool garments, woven blankets and many lovely souvenirs.
Upon arrival to Chefchaouen we'll guided you in surrounded forests, most wonderful valleys, gorges, and picturesque peaks & you'll learn more about authentic local handicraft in Chefchaouen Day Tour from Fez that you can not find in other Morocco cities. Then, we visit the great monuments like Plaza Uta el-Hammam which is lined with cafés and restaurants, a peaceful place to relax and watch the world go by; See kasbah built back to 18th century, a heavily restored walled fortress that now has a lovely garden. In Chefchaouen Day Tour from Fez uncompleted if we do not visit Grande Mosque built in 15th century by the son of the town's founder Ali ben Rachid as well as other monuments.
Your guide driver teaches you about Moroccan culture & history and they would be happy to answer all your questions. Your tour finishes back at your hotel & Riad in Fez.

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Chefchaouen Day Tour from Fez.

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